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Secure Your Home While On Vacation

Secure Your Home During Holiday Vacations And Staycations

Summer has officially arrived! We’re all ready to soak in the warm sunshine, plan our much-awaited getaways, or enjoy staycations. Amidst all the excitement, it’s crucial not to overlook one vital aspect: the security of our homes. Statistics reveal that crime rates often witness a spike during summer months, making it all the more essential to ensure your home is safe and secure whether you’re on an exotic island or just a few hours away. 

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Here Are 4 Tips To Secure Your Home Before Vacation

1. Automatic timers

Installing automatic timers for lights can be a significant deterrent to potential intruders. These timers can be set to turn your lights on and off at varying intervals, giving the impression that someone is home. This is a simple, yet effective, method to fool opportunistic burglars into thinking your house isn’t vacant. 

2. Secure Home Entry Points

Keeping blinds closed is another effective measure. A clear view of your empty living room or an untouched morning newspaper might serve as an invitation to thieves. Close your blinds, curtains, or shades to keep your home’s interior hidden. 

3. Post about your vacation after you’re back home

In the age of social media, it’s natural to want to share your vacation experiences in real-time. However, it’s best to hold off on posting those captivating sunset photos or check-ins until you’re back. Posting your absence publicly could potentially attract unwanted attention to your empty home.

4. Enlist Your Neighbors to Gather Mail & Keep An Eye on Your Home

Staycations also require the same vigilance. Overnight stays away from your home, even if you’re just in the next town, leaves your property vulnerable. You can’t always rely on neighbors to keep an eye on your home, so taking preventative measures is crucial. 

While these tips can be effective, the best way to ensure home security is by installing a reliable security system. All Alarm Services of Central Florida offers robust security solutions, including burglar alarms that alert you and local authorities at the first sign of intrusion. 

Beyond merely providing alarms, All Alarm Services is committed to crafting personalized security solutions that suit your unique needs. Whether you’re away for the summer or enjoying a staycation closer to home, their expert team can provide a system that gives you peace of mind.

In summary, while the excitement of summer and the anticipation of a well-deserved vacation can be overwhelming, it’s crucial to prioritize your home’s security. Remember, proactive steps and the right security solutions can ensure that you return to your home as safely and securely as you left it. 

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Plan your summer vacation with peace of mind knowing your home is well-protected.