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Integrate your Alarm system and automation devices For A Full Blown Security Automation System powered by Use one app to remotely access all of your important home or office smart features! Secure your network for your smart home or smart office devices like:
door lock
Door Locks
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Garage Doors

Water/flood sensors, shade control, car connection, and light control are also available.

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We are an authorized dealer and proudly offer their full line of automation devices and services. This automation platform relies mostly on extremely secure z-wave communication. Z-wave provides a secure mesh network for devices such as door locks, thermostats, lights, outlets, garage doors, and more!

Automate your alarm system to disarm when an authorized user keys their code into your z-wave door lock. Create a one-button action from your app to lock your door, set your alarm, and set your thermostat when you leave. The system will send you reminders if you forget to set your system or lock your door when you leave. You can create custom schedules and rules to control your a/c thermostat and save energy and money!

We currently offer these services on new and existing (most) Qolsys, Honeywell, and DSC systems. Most brands of z-wave and z-wave plus devices are compatible as well. Give us a call to see if your current system can be converted or get an estimate for a new alarm and smart home or business system.

We Serve Central Florida in Hillsborough, Polk, Lake, Pasco, Hardee, Osceola, and Orange counties.

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